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Rules and regulation: International Image Award LUCES DE GRANADA – 2017 edition

1 – Participants

Professional Photographers and videographers who so prove , of any nationality.

2 – Categories

2.1 Photography

( BO) Wedding.

(RT ) Portrait .

( OP ) Personal Work.

( COM ) Communion.

(BB ) Baby and children.

2.2 Video:

(VID ) Wedding

3 – Work’s format and technique

3.1 – Photo:

The works shall be registered only in digital format through the web / inscripcion. The author’s name or logo must not be on the

picture. Each digital file must be sent in a way that when it is displayed it keeps the

right orientation.


– Format: JPG (quality 12)

– Color Mode: RGB with embedded profile

– Size: 1600 pixels on the long side.

3.2 – Video:

Its maximum duration can not exceed TEN (10) minutes.

Sending by form ( ) with wetransfer link . Free technique.

4 – Quantity

Up to 10 works in photography and 4 in the video category, all works must be original and they also must not have been awarded in other contests.

5 – Work’s Identification

Each file must be named according to this standard:




6 – Work’s Receipt

6.1: The deadline for the works delivery is Septembre 15, 2017 until Novembre 1, 2017. The works are to be sent via the official web’s registration form, enabled for this purpose at: / registration


6.2: The nominated works of photography: Han printed sent to the headquarters of Agrafi ( Calle Maestro Montero, 23-18004 Granada , Spain ) before 13 November 2017. If during transport , handling and exhibition of the works , they suffer damage , the organization is not responsible . Printed works will Matted or mounted on foam board 40 x 50 cm , with a minimum thickness of 2 mm and a maximum of 5 mm. At least one side of the image to be measured at least 20 cm . The image does not exceed the dimension of the support.

7 – Registration Fee

The cost will be 10 euros for each proposed work ,20% of which will go to charity. The

payment will be through a deposit and it has to be made to this account number:

3023 0112 35 5109237809 in the Caja Rural de Granada. The CONCEPT must contain: Name,

surname and Luces de Granada .

The payment receipt must be submitted with the registration.

8 – Jury

It is composed of certified professionals in the field of Image. Their decision is final and cannot

be appealed. Nominated authors will be informed ahead bout their honors.


9 – Awards

The Luces de Granada Award will be given to the winners of each category, and diplomas will

be awarded for the 10 nominated works of each rank.

 10 – Exhibition and Awards

The nominated works will be exhibited in a hall at the city center. The award ceremony will be

held on Novembre 20, 2017.

 11 – Image Rights

The work’s author is responsible for obtaining an authorization from the persons appearing

on the works themselves as well as for any permits required in case of portrayed places and

objects to allow its exhibition, publication and dissemination.

12 – Copyright

The authors are the rights holders of the works submitted and they authorize AGRAFI –

Association of Professional Photography and Image in Granada and Province, to use distribute,

publish and print (always mentioning the author and the contest) of the submitted works free

of charge for the purpose of advertising this or any other project of the association.

 13 – Acceptance

The participation implies acceptance of these rules, any situation not covered by them shall be

resolved by the organization, with its decision being final and not appealable.