September 20, 2015 : the day of brotherhood

Albaycín, Granada. Desde la AlhambraATTENTION : Sends 5 works to the contest and attending activities FREE September 20 ( walk Albaycín , dinner and flamenco show ) .

A workshop and a day of fellowship: On the occasion of the celebration of our photography and video competition two activities are organized.

Regarding the workshop: this year we are pleased to have Kenvin Pinardy, excellent wedding photographer world famous and extensive experience in workshops worldwide. You can join the workshop in our registration page.

Regarding the day of fellowship:

We have organized a walk through the iconic Moorish quarter of Albaycín of Granada, after which we will have dinner to regain strength and then a flamenco show to finish sumerginos the essence of the culture of the beautiful city of Granada.

The Albaycín is a capitalization signs of Granada identity. The neighborhood is laying on a lofty hill opposite the Alhambra Red Hill. Its streets are winding, narrow and fleeting; its bright, collected and intimate spaces; palaces, mansions and churches are full of history and art.

In the Albaycín abound cármenes, which are houses with gardens, typically Granada and Moorish towers. The viewpoints of San Nicholas and San Cristobal offer magnificent views of Granada and the Alhambra. Remains of mosques, minarets, cisterns Hispanic-Muslims and especially a very Andalusian taste and flavor to everyday, busy and happy life are still preserved.

Do not miss this unique opportunity!

Committed to training.


In AGRAFI we are committed to the training of future professionals.

We believe that the new additions to the profession are hard and with great creativity.

His training is getting better and more complete. We cosciente this, we considered our bit to contribute to the formation of these future professionals and we invited our international party. Therefore the foundation of our contest in its 2015 edition incorporates a new category of participants: students.

On the bases:
“In the student category, students may participate photograph of any center of photo studios, professional photographers and assistants, who so prove.”

“Students 2.3 or assistants:
(UR) Photography urbaba or street. “

Here you can read all contest rules.

That is, our contest is internationalized further, if possible, and give opportunity to shine to the new generations. The category that can occur is urban or street photography. A current and widespread that insurance issue will give us great satisfaction.

So, if you are a photography student, anywhere in the world,

¡we welcome Premio Internacional de la Imagen LUCES DE GRANADA 2015!

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