Yolanda Purriños

Yolanda Purriños, was born in October 74, from a very young age she has been attracted to the magic of
She accompanies her parents with a camera and great enthusiasm, to all the weddings they did,
her since she was 9 years old.
In 1992, at the age of 17, she made her first exhibition.
In 1996 she graduated as a specialist artistic photography technician.
She gives the first presentation for her professionals in the year 2000 in Cullera and then in
different cities and countries
She is a Distinguished Photographer of Fepfi in 2003, Master Photographer in 2004 and Master Photographer
Instructor in 2006
She is a Qualifying Judge since 2003 in Tarragona.
Since 1999 she that she has been Nominated for the Goya Awards for the first time, since then she has been
she nominated in multiple awards, winning several in different years such as the Principality of
Asturias, the Autonomous Community of Navarra, Sol de Andalucía, etc … Being the last two
Consecutive 2018 and 2019 editions of Luces de Granada the last prizes to win.
In March 2021 she is appointed Director of the Fepfi Collegiate Body.

Toñi Souza

From a very young age, I had the opportunity to get to know the world of photography, being fascinated and to which I gave myself completely for more than 30 years.
In this long career I have run my own company, carrying out all kinds of work and defining myself especially for his portrait.
Thanks to the meeting and help of Grand Masters and professionals of the union, I have been able to achieve national and international recognition.

MQEP 2010
MQEP 2013
MQEP 2016
Teacher instructor Fepfi 2017

Albert Pamies

I have been a wedding photographer since 2010. I live in Malaga and do reports both in Spain and in Europe.
I consider myself a documentary photographer where the search for emotions is the main goal, but aesthetics and creativity also take center stage in my style.
During these 11 years of profession I have been awarded several times by Fearless Photographers, Inspiration Photographers and Mywed Awards among others. In MyWed, in 2019, I was the # 1 photographer in the world ranking.
I have been a judge in different national and international photography competitions.
I have been teaching wedding photography and marketing training for professional photographers for more than 7 years.


Carlos de los Dolores

10 years of dedication to the world of visual creation. Member of the Association of Audiovisual Creators

  • 2017 Collection of Honor in the Fepfi Qualification Days.
  • 2018 Collection of Honor in the Fepfi Qualification Days.
  • 2019 Finalist of the Luces de Granada Award. Free Creation Section.
  • 2019 Best Videographer in Fepfi Competition. Free Creation Section.
  • 2019-2020 CREAD Board of Directors Member.
  • 2021 Finalist in the Goya de Zaragoza Awards.

Mariano Teocrito

It is clear that, if we consider that progress is synonymous with advancement, social videography is definitely an example. New filmmakers, with a more emotional, empathetic and cinematographic look, appear on the scene.

Forget large equipment, be with one or two cameramen who circulate around the altar and assistants who illuminate everything.

Mariano Teoierto & nbsp; is a “lonely wolf” of social cinematography. & nbsp; “I only go with my backpack and tripod”, says the Argentine, born in the City of Buenos Aires . Mariano Teocritus has a long history in videography. His work methodology has given him a valuable place in the middle; him reaping recognitions and awards in the most prestigious institutions in social cinematography in the world.

At present, his workshop, “Elements” and “The power of sound” allow us to learn, appreciate and enjoy the work that gives Mariano so much satisfaction.


· TOP 15 EEVA (European Organization of Event Videographers)



· 1st Prize Best Audio Production Inspirations 6th edition & nbsp;

· 2nd Prize Pre-Wedding Inspirations 6th edition & nbsp;

· 4th Prize Wedding trailer Inspirations 6th edition & nbsp;

· 1st Prize Best audio production Inspirations 7 edition & nbsp;

· 3rd Prize Pre-Wedding Inspirations 7th edition & nbsp;

· 2nd Prize Wedding trailer Inspirations 7th edition & nbsp;

· 1st Prize Best audio production Inspirations 8 edition & nbsp;

· 1st Prize Wedding trailer Inspirations 7th edition & nbsp;

· 2nd Prize Pre-Wedding Inspirations 8th edition · GOLDEN LENS | Most awarded videographer of the year 2015

• 1st Prize Wedding trailer Inspirations 10 edition

• 1st Prize Best Audio Production Inspirations 10 edition & nbsp;


Education The vast experience, the acquired knowledge and the multiple experiences brought me closer to implementing the training in workshops… .. etc.

It is a way of sharing your own gaze with the other and in turn, motivating yourself not to stop yourself from continuing to improve yourself, day by day.

The interest, listening, commitment and significant returns of the participants turned out to be another award as or more important than those achieved.

Since 2013 with my workshops and lectures I have participated in prestigious conferences of the audiovisual sector in more than 10 countries.

More than 1500 videographers and photographers were trained who were able to transform or create their own style, put art to the video.

I feel immensely happy and proud of this.

Web: www.marianoteoierto.com

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/mteocopio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mteocopio Instagram: https: // www. instagram.com/marianoteoierto/

Valerio D’Andrassi

I’ve always worked with art, since I was 14 I started doing deejay and in the following years I studied sound engineering and worked for several international musical projects. Thanks to my wife who has always been a fashion and wedding photographer I approached to visual arts and I was immediately fascinated by videography. In 2017 we decided to start our journey together in the world of wedding and many couples immediately loved our style defining it as fresh and innovative. In 2018, after 1 year of career I participated in the Weva contest and I reached the first position as best video editor, best cameraman and third best videographer in the Italian contest and eleventh best videographer in the international ranking. The following years I have obtained other recognitions and awards from various professional videographers associations and it was quite surprising for me as I was in the industry for a very short time. My video style is eclectic, I like to build a different story each time based on the emotional peculiarities that couples transmit to me, I like to experiment and obviously the part that I consider most important in the video is the music and the audio part
Valerio D’Andrassi


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From November 23, 2021 to January 20, 2022.

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