This  contest  (The  International  Image  Awards  Luces  de  Granada)  organized  by  AGRAFI (PROFESSIONALS  ASSOCIATION  OF  IMAGE  AND  PHOTOGRAPHY  FROM  THE PROVINCE  OF  GRANADA)  is  created  with  the  intention  of  fostering  excellency  in  professional photography  and  video.

Luces  de    Granada  also  aims  to  be  a  way  to  connect  different  cities  and  cultures  using photography  and  video  as  an  universal  language,  eliminating  borders  and  creating  links between  professionals  from  different  countries.

AGRAFI’s  priority  as  a  non-­profit  association  and  as  organizer  of  the  event,  is  to  protect  and defend  the  professional  photography  and  video  industry,  all  by  giving  it  the  diffusion  it  deserves with  this  international  award. It  is  because  of  this  that  this  project  has  the  support  of  all  the  image  professionals  involved  in our  association;  as  well  as  institutions,  organizations  and  companies.

This award also has an important social consciousness , as in every edition allocates 20 % of the contribution of each participant as a donation to an NGO , to be chosen by the organization based on their activities and social purposes and in recognition its merits and efforts in the struggle to defend equality , integration, and social welfare .

Therefore  we  are  calling  on  all  Image  professionals,  both  domestic  and  international,  who  are interested  in  giving  support  with  their  participation  in  this  cultural  proposal  in  Granada.

Your  works  will  illuminate  Granada  in  the  Luces  de  Granada  International  Award  2020 edition.